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Young Indiana Jones and the Face of the Dragon is a eleventh young adult novel in the series published by Random House, and the fifth by author William McCay.

Publisher's summary[]

"The dragon has chosen you, boy!"

So says the ancient Chinese priest, but Indy can't wait to get rid of the bejeweled gold dragon. Never mind that it might have magical powers. Holding on to this priceless little statue is dangerous to Indy's health!

Countless thugs are eager to grab the dragon. And they won't stop at murder to get it. Indy's got to find a worthy new owner fast—if he wants to survive his trip to China!



  • Black Hat
  • Chen
  • China Maid captain
  • Wen Ch-Iu (Mentioned only)
  • Deshi
  • Sir Gawain (Mentioned only)
  • Geronimo (Mentioned only)
  • Saint George (Mentioned only)
  • Green Knight (Mentioned only)
  • General Hakuma
  • Henry Walton Jones, Sr.
  • Indiana Jones
  • General John Kennan-Foddering
  • Lim
  • Colonel Masahiro
  • Masahiro's servant
  • Marco Polo (Mentioned only)
  • Jun Shih
  • Yuan Shih-kai
  • Hu Sing
  • Soong
  • Baron von Dieben
  • Nat Warrick
  • George Washington (Mentioned only)
  • Sun Yat-sen (Mentioned only)
  • Pu Yi (Mentioned only)


  • Lung


  • China
    • Peking
    • Shanghai (Mentioned only)
    • Tientsin
    • Tsingtao
      • Moltke Hill
      • Bismarck Hill
    • Wei-hai-wei
      • English-Shantung Bank
      • Whangpoo Palace
  • Europe (Mentioned only)
    • England (Mentioned only)
    • Heidelberg (Mentioned only)
  • Manila (Mentioned only)
  • San Francisco (Mentioned only)
  • Yellow Sea (Mentioned only)


  • Indian Wars (Mentioned only)
  • Boxer Rebellion (Mentioned only)
  • The Travels of Marco Polo (Mentioned only)
  • Dragon (Mentioned only)
  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Mentioned only)
  • Xinhai Revolution (Mentioned only)
  • International Relief Force (Mentioned only)
  • Green Cloud Society
  • Thousand Foxes
  • Kuomintang
  • South Wales Border Regiment
  • Huns (Mentioned only)
  • Siege of Tsingtao
  • World War I (Mentioned only)
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