Young Indiana Jones and the Great Escape is a TV movie edited together from "Somme, Early August 1916" and "Germany, Mid-August 1916," two episodes from the second season of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. This omnibus episode aired on the Nine Network in Australia on November 10, 1993,[1] but did not air in this form on ABC in the United States and is not known to have been broadcast in any other territory.[2]

It is unclear whether the Nine Network created this edit themselves or it was provided to them as part of a syndication package by Lucasfilm and Paramount Television, but the network had previously aired the same episodes together as "Somme and Germany, 1916" on May 10, 1993,[3] as well as a separate omnibus episode consisting of "London, May 1916," "Verdun, September 1916," and "Paris, October 1916" on April 24, 1993,[4] before the last of those three episodes made its North American broadcast premiere.

"Somme, Early August 1916" and "Germany, Mid-August 1916" would later be paired up again for The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones on home video as Trenches of Hell.

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