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Young Indiana Jones and the Journey to the Underworld is the twelfth young adult novel Random House's Young Indy series, and the second by writing partners Megan Stine and H. William Stine. It was released in 1994.

Publisher's summary[]

"Don't look back when you leave!"

That's what master thief Markos Kourou tells Young Indy when he releases the boy from his island hideaway. And Indy knows he should obey. Didn't the ancient Greek hero Orpheus get into big trouble when he disobeyed the same order from Pluto, the ruler of the underworld?

But Kourou is no Greek god. And he's definitely not to be trusted—not after swiping a famous golden bowl in broad daylight and kidnapping a beautiful maiden to boot.

Still, Indy's visit to Greece has been a near replay of the tragic Orpheus legend. Does Indy dare ignore its lesson. Should he look back anyway?




  • Pietroasa bowl



  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Octopus
  • Raven
  • Pagliacci
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