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Young Indiana Jones and the Plantation Treasure is a young adult novel by author William McCay, the first in a series published by Random House. Published in 1990, the book was later adapted for a comic serial in the United Kingdom in 1991.

Publisher's summary[]

Ticket to treasure—and trouble!

Lizzie Ravenall is desperate. She's got to trace the treasure that vanished from her family's Carolina plantation just before the Civil War. Could it be hidden somewhere on the Underground Railroad, the old escape route used by slaves?

Lizzie must begin her search—but she's not alone! Vicious, money-hungry villains are in hot pursuit.

Who can she turn to? Indiana Jones—eager young adventurer—at her service!



  • Beau
  • Marcus Brody (Mentioned only)
  • Santa Claus (Mentioned only)
  • Gideon Clegg
  • Harlan Clegg (Mentioned only)
  • Dexter Fairburn (Mentioned only)
  • Garth (Mentioned only)
  • Chester Gillis
  • Martha Gillis
  • Crazy Hayward (Mentioned only)
  • Crazy Hayward's grandson
  • Mose Harker
  • Harkwood (Mentioned only)
  • Henry Walton Jones, Sr.
  • Indiana Jones
  • Garrick Lloyd
  • Cotton Mather (Mentioned only)
  • Ezekial Porter (Mentioned only)
  • Randolph (Mentioned only)
  • Ashley Ravenall
  • Elizabeth Ravenall (Mentioned only)
  • Lizzie Ravenall
  • Lizzie Ravenall's mother (Mentioned only)
  • Harriet Stoneman
  • Stoneman (Mentioned only)
  • Thomas (Mentioned only)
  • Zachary Walton



  • The Sermons of Cotton Mather
  • The Storm Clouds Gather (Mentioned only)
  • U.S. Civil War (Mentioned only)
  • Underground Railroad (Mentioned only)
  • Horse
  • Quakers
  • The Voice of Freedom (Mentioned only)
  • Bank of Atlanta (Mentioned only)
  • Tredegar Ironworks
  • Natchez to Nashville Railroad (Mentioned only)
  • Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (Mentioned only)
  • Colt Firearms (Mentioned only)
  • Du Pont Gunpowder (Mentioned only)

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