The Yucatán Peninsula is a large section of land at the northern part of Central America. It covers the southeastern part of Mexico, and northern parts of Belize (formerly British Honduras) and Guatemala, and separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea.

The Yucatán Peninsula is primarily covered with tropical rain forest. It served as the main home of the Mayan civilization, whose stone ruins cover the area, many of which remained hidden in the rain forests. The northern part of the peninsula is covered with sinkholes, locally called cenotes, some of which were used by the Maya.

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The ancient cities, temples, and other sites of the Mayan civilization and other pre-Columbian civiliations drew archaeologists from all over the globe in the early twentieth century. Indiana Jones and his colleagues and rivals helped to explore, loot, and study the sites, using modern towns like Mérida for their bases of operation.

In 1926, Jones and Victor Bernard excavated a site at Tikal, and were attacked by grave robbers. Jones and Deirdre Campbell discovered the Camozotz mask at Tikal.[1]

In 1933, Jones found and lost the Crystal Skull of Cozan at a site in Cozan, British Honduras, which resulted in him being labeled a tomb robber.

In 1939, Jones and Sophia Hapgood encountered Charles Sternhart in the region while searching for clues among the Mayan ruins that would help lead them to Atlantis.[2]

In 1941, Jones and his pilot, Bert Brodowski, traveled to Uxmal to find the location of the Akashic Hall of Records at the Pyramid of the Sorcerer, racing against the Nazi agent, Nichols. After Nichols was defeated, Jones and Brodowski met up with Colonel Musgrove in Mérida.[3]

In 1957, Jones was excavating a Mayan site on the Mexican coast when he was visited by George McHale. Jones found a Mayan calendar stone and fell into an underground river. Unmarked Soviet troops, led by Colonel Dovchenko captured McHale, killed Jones' indigenous workers, and then captured and drugged Jones when he returned to camp after riding the underground river out of a coastal cliff.[4]

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