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The store on Zile Muri-yo was a well-stocked outpost store, located in the jungle about a kilometer south of the north coast of the island. Run by Père Ours, it was a built on a platform located nine feet above the ground, to protect against storm surge and rodents and other island dangers. The building was primarily constructed out of bamboo, and used a staircase on a crank for security.

The store stocked many of the essentials for island life, including tools, basic foodstuffs, clothing, camping gear, machetes, and many kinds of ammunition.

In 1943, the store was visited by Indiana Jones, George McHale, and Marie Arnoux. While Jones and McHale picked out provisions for their expedition to find the Heart of Darkness, and marveled at the overabundance of ammunition, Arnoux hired Batiste to be their local guide and arrange for porters. After McHale bargained with Père Ours, the team set out for Efreye Village.


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