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Zyke was a German fortune hunter who sought the Peacock's Eye at the end of World War I. Cruel, ruthless and efficient he was a dangerous adversary for Indiana Jones and Remy Baudouin.


Indiana Jones and Remy Baudouin first encountered Zyke during the closing minutes of World War I. On the trail of Rajendra Sing, a corporal suspected of exchanging munitions information with the Germans, Jones and Baudouin found him in no man's land having a heated exchange with Zyke. Zyke shot Sing but was chased off by the spies before he could retrieve a map to the Peacock's Eye hidden on the corporal.

Posing as a sketch artist, Zyke later caught up with Jones and Baudouin in Alexandria at the reconstructed tombstone of Lycomedes. Afterwards, Zyke had two men attack the pair in their hotel room and took the map from them. Jones and Baudouin followed Zyke aboard a ship bound for Java. On board, Zyke deciphered the map and uncovered the Peacock's Eye's location before he burned the map.

While searching for the diamond in Java, he was unaware that Jones and Baudouin were in pursuit. When Indy and Remy found a box at the site believed to contain the diamond, Zyke attacked them and left with the container but Indy and Remy had its key. At Zyke's hotel they found Zyke shot dead and the box gone, and later discovered that a woman called Lily was his killer.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Zyke's right eye was missing and took to wearing an eyepatch after World War I.

Behind the scenes[]

Zyke was played by Adrian Edmondson.


Notes and references[]